Florida Charter – Day 16

We departed Sanibell Island with the rising  sun and sailed to Cayo Costa State Park for our last night aboard. What a beautiful place. We finally got to see a manatee!

We celebrated our last night with the best margaritas this side of the border! The recipe is below and can be found on GalleySwap – our recipe sharing community.

The next morning we pulled anchor early to get back to the Burnt Store Marina and return the boat.

Grapefruity Margaritas

1 fresh squeezed grapefruit
2-3 fresh squeezed oranges
1-2 fresh squeezed limes
2/3 cup Grand Marnier
1 cup Good Tequila

I try to do about a 1:1 ratio of juice to liquor, so add more liquor if you have particularly juicy fruits.

Mix and pour over ice. Serve in a salt rimmed glass.

Boat Margaritas!
Cayo Costa State Park

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