September 21, 2010

TIP: Shaken, not stirred

If you don’t like clumpy powdered milk just SHAKE IT! A Nalgene bottle is great because it has units on the side making measuring easy when we make our favorite powdered goat milk. It comes in a handy can with pop top and plastic lid which keeps it contained after popping open the can. Of course if you are not lactose intolerant regular powdered milk is a lot cheaper – it also is a lot more frothy. I’ve been considering trying a blender bottle with wire shaker ball to see if it shakes up my milk even better, though I get no clumps...
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Sunshiny Seattle Siesta

Our tiny boat doesn’t provide much protection from the elements and since the the weather report was calling for rain in Portland we decided to head up to Seattle. We had made appointments with several brokers to look at boats which all turned out being disappointing. But there was also the swap meet, boat show, and farmer’s market to entertain us.  Trying to be frugal as always, we had planned on sleeping in the 4Runner. We have a nice platform in the back that makes a comfortable sleeping area and has space for storage below. It rained the entire night...
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