TIP: Shaken, not stirred


If you don’t like clumpy powdered milk just SHAKE IT! A Nalgene bottle is great because it has units on the side making measuring easy when we make our favorite powdered goat milk. It comes in a handy can with pop top and plastic lid which keeps it contained after popping open the can. Of course if you are not lactose intolerant regular powdered milk is a lot cheaper – it also is a lot more frothy.

I’ve been considering trying a blender bottle with wire shaker ball to see if it shakes up my milk even better, though I get no clumps after giving the Nalgene bottle a really good shake and the fact that it doesn’t leak is a big bonus. Maybe I will add the wire shaker ball to the Nalgene bottle…. These bottles are tough! I once dropped my nearly full Nalgene bottle onto concrete from 5 feet up. It just bounced and barely got a scratch! Just make sure to get the BPA free bottles!

Lattes are a real treat with my freshly shaken milk because it is nice and frothy just like steamed milk from a coffee shop! I use Mount Hagen Organic Instant Coffee. At just over 20 cents a cup it’s a pretty good deal! Especially when you compare that to the $1 instant coffees from that big coffee shop…

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