I love Passion Tea Lemonade from Starbucks. Unfortunately, it’s just not in our budget for daily consumption, so I was really excited when my dear friend gave me a box of Passion tea from Tazo, along with a handwritten recipe card, as a going-away present. It was not only a great gift because I love the tea so much, but because Tazo’s headquarters in Portland, Oregon – where we’d been living the past five years.

Incidentally, here in Mexico it’s called Hibiscus Tea Lemonade since that is actually the main ingredient in the tea. The first time I tried to order it I got blank stares until I realized my mistake.

Making Passion Tea Lemonade is easy. Simply brew up the tea using the teabags, let it cool and mix with lemonade to your liking. I like to brew the tea sun-tea style by leaving it outside to steep all day. By not boiling water you keep the boat cool and save gas. You can also add extra sugar but it’s great as is.

If you don’t have lemonade on hand, one of our GalleySwap members submitted this great recipe, for making lemonade from scratch.

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