Mahi Mahi

by Mike — We talked to almost everybody we met about the mahi mahi (aka dolphinfish, dorado). Where are they? Have you caught any? Has anyone caught any? The consensus has been that it was a very late spring (hard to believe for us that the weather has been cooler than usual as we melt away). So the argument went that the mahi mahi will not “show up” until the water and air temps start warming up.

We waited patiently wondering what we needed to do to catch one of the most beautiful fish in the sea. We finally started hearing stories of other people catching them close by. A few nights back we had the neighbors over for sundowners and we discovered the trick. The neighbor had been onboard a fishing charter a week before and he told us how the captain put them on fish.

Just spot a large patch of sea weed and they will be there. Ah hah! I did not know this…. Crossing the Pacific last year catching a mahi mahi was easy enough – just throw the hand line out and wait awhile – sooner are later you will have a fish.

So as we were transiting between Loreto and La Paz we found a large patch of seaweed and pulled up to it rod in hand. And there they were… dozens of beautiful mahi mahi swarming around the boat and following the lure back to the boat. That is all they did though – even after I boarded the dinghy and trolled, casted and cursed for a better part of two hours. Skunked. Not even one hit.

As the wind started to pick up we left the patch of sea weed and school of mahi mahi behind. When we pulled away I threw out the hand line more out of habit than hope. I kicked back in the cockpit and after a few hours, I just about had my eyes closed, when Verena said “that line looks a lot tighter than it normally does”. Argh, the line must just be fouled with seaweed again I thought to myself as I got up and started pulling it in. Whoa the line pulled back, stop everything… Fish On!

Mahi Mahi Tacos with Mango Salsa (just add fresh mango to your favorite salsa – we like Herdez Salsa Casera)

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