An un-traditional Thanksgiving

Since it’s just plain too hot to bake anything onboard we decided to have a decidedly un-traditional Thanksgiving. Not to mention I had no clue where to buy a whole turkey.

We headed to the beach at Punta de Mita with the SUP. On the way we stopped off at our favorite taco place in La Cruz to have our “Thanksgiving Dinner”. Total cost: 12 bucks!

This marks two years in a row that we did not have a turkey. Last year was spent moving aboard Camille. To be honest I don’t miss the piles of dishes. Though the leftover sure would be nice to have today.

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  1. This sounds just like a perfect giving thanks to me, this is our first year back in the US for the holidays, the last two years we got around eating Turkey by going to Australia.
    In any case Patricia and I are thankful counting you, Mike, Gitta and Herbert among our friends.

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