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Kids receiving school supplies

We now have a SHOP on our website. I know, I know, not another blog with a store… Please watch the video below to understand what drove us to create this store. The video was created by my dad for the “Vacation with a Purpose” section of Travel Secrets Mexico.

Seven years ago a small group of Americans and Canadians went to Puerto Vallarta’s city garbage dump and discovered that people were living and working inside of the dump in conditions that are unimaginable to most of us. These people were outcasts of society and their children were destined for the same.What we have noticed about poverty in Mexico is that, unless crippled, hardly anyone simply begs for money. They will always have a product or service to offer. Chiclets?In thanks entirely to donations and volunteers the families living at the dump now have fresh water, food, access to health care and a place to live just outside of the dump. The workers call themselves “recyclers” because their source of income comes from finding recyclables amid the garbage. This is how much of Mexico recycles!!

Since primary education is not free in Mexico they had to take their children to work and leave them to play in the rotting garbage.  Thanks to this charity the kids can now got to school or attend daycare ran by volunteers while their parents work.Mike and I have spoken to “head volunteer Winnie (the lady talking to Mike in the video), about the charity at length. With only 2% of donations going to operating costs this is a charity we can really get behind.

We will donate ALL proceeds from our SHOP to “Families at the Dump” – an organization made up entirely of volunteers near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

If you just want to make a donation to the charity you can use the donate button on our website. We will give all donations posted before the new year to Families of the Dump.

A word of warning, there are some scenes in this video that might break your heart, but know that it used to be much worse…

Mike cooking up hot dogs paid for by donations
School supplies paid for by donations

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