Whale Tails… or is it Tales?

After nearly six month of waiting out hurricane season, we are finally on the move again. We had planned on leaving just after the new year, but weather and a cold delayed us until now. 
Yesterday we made the short 15 mile hop over to Punta de Mita to get back into the groove of being away from the dock. Banderas Bay is teeming with whales right now and while we observed most of them from a distance I got a few lucky shot with my zoom lens.
After fairly strong winds in the Sea of Cortez over the past few days the anchorage is still pretty rolly. We’ll be here a couple of days until the winds are favorable to head further south.

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  1. Mid-Life Cruising! Reply

    Beautiful pictures! I’ve never seen a whale in the wild .. it’s gotta be an amazing experience!

  2. Reply

    I love seeing whales from out boat. If I only enjoyed that and nothing else, it would be completely worth it because they are such thrilling, magnificent animals. I never get tired of seeing them. Beautiful!

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