How to make "Ice Cream" on Board

Who doesn’t love ice cream? We sure do, but our freezer will not keep it frozen in this heat so I had to figure out a better way to get our fix.

Sorbet is a super-easy and fun treat to make on a boat. Pretty much any fruit can be used. Raspberry-Banana is always a winner, as is Banana with some chunks of dark chocolate. Here I use fresh mangos.

Don’t over-freeze sorbet as you want it to be the consistency of a nice smooth gelato. I pour the sorbet into small ziplock bags and stick them right onto the evaporator plate of our freezer for a few hours. When I’m ready to serve I knead the bag until the sorbet is smooth. Then I cut a small corner into the bag and squeeze the sorbet into a bowl.

I use my stick blender to mix up the sorbet. It works well on the inverter and doesn’t take up much space.

1-2 ripe Mangos or other fruit
2 Tablespoons Honey
1 teaspoon vanilla
1-3 limes* or lemon to taste

Whip everything together with a blender, food processor or stick-blender. Add more of any ingredient to taste. Pour into ziplock bag. Freeze.

  • I use the tiny Mexican limes so add regular sized limes/lemons slowly

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