More Tangled Wildlife

After nearly eight months in Banderas Bay we are finally on the move again. Hurricane season and then some personal issues kept us in a marina much longer than we had anticipated.

We just arrived in Mazatlan after a nice two night passage. Considering we could have driven here in a few hours (it’s only 170 miles as the boat travels) we made pretty good time. We had mostly no wind which was a good thing as the prevailing winds this time of year are from the north (the direction we were heading of course).

We saw amazing phosphorescence, spinner dolphins, some late season whales, caught a dorado and watched lots of birds catching rides on sea turtles.

At our about half-way point we came across a disturbing sight. If you remember last July we were lucky enough to save a sea turtle trapped in some derelict fishing gear. This is why I prefer baitcasting reels, they help to prevent this sort of thing.  We were in just about the same place yesterday when we once again noticed a strange tangle of debris. When we slowed to take a look there was a trapped manta ray. Unfortunately we were too late, but I find it odd to keep seeing things like this…

Manta Ray caught in derelict fishing gear
Mahi-Mahi for dinner!

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