From the Ocean to the Prairies

After over a week on the road we just made it to our destination of Denver, Colorado where we are visiting with Mike’s family.

We’ve been camping out of our mini van, for which Mike built a platform-bed after removing the two rows of back seats. All of our clothes and most gear is stored in under-bed storage bins below the platform. Even my inflatable kayak is under there!

We visited Utah’s national parks from Arches to Zion, but the highlight so far was a 10 mile paddle down the Colorado River from below the Glen Canyon dam to Lees Ferry (where the Grand Canyon begins).

On a side note, my folks are still in Mexico on their sailboat where they just finished the fifth installment of their TV documentary series Travel Secrets Mexico. The episode about La Paz is currently airing on TV or you can watch it (and all other episodes) here.

Cooking dinner
Kayak Storage

Bryce Canyon National Park
Picking apples in Fruita
Capitol Reef National Park
Rocky Mountains

Even more photos…

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    1. Thanks Paul! It’s easy to take good pics when the subject matter is beautiful 🙂
      I LOVE the kayak! When my arms get tired of paddling I can pedal with my legs. There is a small steering wheel at the left hand and the rudder folds up and down – controlled with the right hand. Only problem is that you have to be careful with too much sun. So no leaving it out on deck for days… but we like the fact that we don’t have to have a big kayak strapped to the rail onboard Camille.

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