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  1. Looks like its working! I post a lot from my phone with the blogger app. I love it because I can use voice to text. Usually, if it hears me correctly, it goes much quicker. Just have to proof read. Alaska, wow! I don’t enjoy cold weather so that is one place I have never fantasized about. Enjoy your time. Take lots of pictures maybe it will change my tune.

    1. Voice to text!? That sounds awesome. Will have to look into that for WordPress.
      I am NOT a cold weather person either but once Alaska gets under your skin it’s hard not to come back. Sadly, photos don’t do the beauty here justice but I will keep trying…

  2. Doug and mary

    Hi Mike and Verena. We really like your website and learning about your sailing adventurers to Mexico. We are planning our own Mexican riviera cruise and are looking to upgrade sailboats. In, fact, we were on Camille yesterday with Paul and love your boat. You two are definitely adventuresome and enjoying life as we are. Take care and have a safe trip on your Alaskan journey. We might be talking sometime soon. Doug and Mary

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