Alaska so far

Kittiwakes in Prince William SoundWe’re getting settled into Alaska. The first month here, we stayed in a log house in the hills above Anchorage. A couple of weeks ago we moved over to Girdwood, a little ski village nestled among the mountains along Turnagain Arm, about 40 minutes from Anchorage.

For much of April we still had snow on the ground but that is all gone now. I haven’t spent a lot of time in this part of Alaska and I am amazed at how much sunshine we have had. Most of my time in Alaska has been spent in South East Alaska which has weather much like the Pacific Northwest. The long days are the best part of summers in Alaska. Outings after work can easily go until 10pm, at which point you are surprised it’s nearly bedtime. Of course when you finally make it to bed it’s hard to fall asleep with the sun streaming in.

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  1. Rona House Reply

    Love the sea otters but didn’t realise they lived up there

    • PacificSailors Reply

      Oh yes! Lots of sea otters up here. Love those little guys!

  2. MWhite:LittleCunningPlan Reply

    Great photos! Hope to get up there someday. during the summer, of course.

    • PacificSailors Reply

      Thanks! Everyone must see Alaska! Especially SE Alaska.

  3. Ruthie Reply

    Brings back memories! Love Alaska in the summer.

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