I can’t believe we’ve been in Alaska for three months already! (only four more months until our next adventure…)  In April we still had a lot of snow on the ground. May was a bit chilly but dry and sunny. And June has been gloomy and rainy. But it looks like summer is finally here! Today was downright hot and wildflowers are everywhere. Just waiting for the fireweed to bloom.

6-DSCF0662Glacier Creek and a couple of Girdwood’s seven glaciers in the background.5-DSCF06524-DSCF0648Strawberries growing at the side of the road 3-DSCF06472-DSCF06451-DSCF0644Mike is working out of Dutch Harbor for a couple of weeks. We spent some time there when we were working for NOAA. “There is a woman behind every tree in Dutch” 🙂 1-IMG_0750Russian influence can be seen everywhere in the Aleutians1-IMG_0760Immature bald eagle in Dutch3-IMG_0790The bald eagles are nearly as prolific as the sea gulls in Dutch4-IMG_0795Frsesh Alaska salmon for lunch5-IMG_0800

Click here for Photos from our time in Alaska while working for NOAA from 2004 to 2006


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  1. MWhite:LittleCunningPlan

    Love the eagles! Nice pics. Hope to sail up there sometime, in the summer, of course. I could love a place where the sun hardly goes down.

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