Back in the PNW

1-DSCF3529We’ve been back in the lower 48, in Seattle to be exact, for nearly a month. The weather has been reminiscent of being in San Diego. We lived in the PNW long enough to know that this is not normal and are enjoying every minute of the sunshine. I took the photo above on a bike ride through the Snoqualmie Valley. We already experienced the fall colors up in Alaska and get do it all over again down here.

A few days ago I went with Mike to fuel up the work boat on the other side of Elliott Bay – the bay that is surrounded by the city of Seattle.  Mount Rainier was visible in all its glory behind the Port – not a regular occurrence as it is usually obscured by clouds.2-DSC_9798 3-DSC_98025-DSC_9820A Seattle favorite – the ferry system. If you want to visit the other side of Puget Sound this is the way to go. You get to take your car and go for a boat ride at the same time.6-DSC_9828 7-DSC_9839 8-DSC_9853 9-DSC_9874

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  1. Glad to hear you guys are still in the area. Please give us a holler if you find yourself up near Bellingham. We have a guest room and we’d love to meet you in person finally!

    – Katie and Mark

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