Maiden Voyage Aboard Limerick

1-DSCF7317A couple of days ago we “set sail” for the first time aboard “Limerick” and left the Kipsap Peninsula in our wake headed for Seattle.07-20151229_112755~218-DSCF7267It was about 40 degrees out but we were snug in our heated cabin while navigating the Sound. What a change from a sailboat! The other thing we noticed (aside from being toasty warm and inside) was that our cruising speed was twice that of Camille. And they say trawlers are slow.21-DSCF725920-DSCF7264We had less than 20 miles to go but wanted to get an early start in case of any unforeseen occurrences. So we left before breakfast which I made once we were underway. Cruising in Puget Sound is a bit different from ocean sailing. If the weather is half-way decent being underway is much like being at anchor. The main thing to watch out for is wakes from other boats. When the first wake came at us we braced ourselves and then…nothing much really happened. A sailboat would have rolled quite a bit more. Another win for the trawler. 12-DSCF727608-20151229_112711~2Ready for New Year’s at the Space Needle — which is less than a mile from here.03-DSCF7297

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  1. Michael Fischer

    For me as a non sailor this is confusing, you have a motorboat so how can you “set sail”. as you know my only experiance with the ocean and boating is chumming the sharks for Herbert.

    1. “Sail” is defined as “a voyage or excursion in a ship, especially a sailing ship or boat” so it can be used for all boats that “get underway”. You can come chum the fish on our boat anytime!! 🙂

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