Jones Island

Monk 36For $200 you can get an entire year of mooring and docking in Washington’s state parks. That is a great bargain especially if you don’t limit your cruising to the summer. Turns out few people actually cruise in the winter and we have had every anchorage to ourselves so far.

We spent a few sunny days at Jones Island before the weather turned ugly and drove us into port.1-DSCF7773The floating docks are removed in winter but landing the dinghy is a breeze on the steep beach. Of course dinghy wheels like we had on Camille would certainly make it easier to pull the heavy dinghy up the beach.1-DSCF78541-DSCF7777 We picked up one of five balls in North Bay. There are three more in South Bay.1-DSCF78461-DSCF7808 Winter-time moss is this amazing bright green — the photos don’t do it justice. 1-DSCF7811 1-DSCF7817 1-DSCF7843 The seals follow our every move and go under as soon as they see the camera.1-DSCF7801Gnarly!1-DSCF7852

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  1. Awesome photos!! I do have a question for you I am 24 months myself to start my cruising life I know you all were sailors before the trawler so my question is do you miss your SV what pros and cons do you have with the Trawler over Sail I myself am a avid sailor so when I purchase my cruiser I am in the dilemma of buying another SV or switch to a trawler,
    Safe travels we are enjoying your blog post keep em coming!!!!

    1. Thanks James! I think for the Great Loop like you want to do a sailboat would just be a hinderance (bridge clearance, etc). If you plan on long distance cruising I think a sailboat makes sense. We love sailing but up here there is either no wind or too much wind. A trawler makes more sense for the colder climate too. And since we live aboard we have more space in the trawler without paying for expensive dock fees of a longer boat. Most important to me are the windows. We spend a lot more time indoors up here and in a trawler can still see out of the windows. I never liked living in a hole in the sailboat. Did you see this post I wrote? Keep us posted! By the way, I’ve added you to our Links page.

      1. Thanks for the link and your thoughts, I have been leaning towards a trawler myself it is tough switching from sails to steam so to speak but I believe since our cruising will mostly be coastal and or to the Bahamas, Dry Tortugas , that the trawler may be fine and more comfortable at that!! Thanks for adding me to your links I enjoy following you guys!!
        Safe travels!

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