Road Trip!

After finally getting out of the boatyard (after 30 days…. we had planned on 3 days) we needed a little vacation from the boat. So we found a covered slip, got her all tucked in and hightailed it to San Diego in our mini van to visit with friends and family.

Sailing the Salish Sea, Puget Sound, Washington, Trawler Monk 36Trawler Monk 36
Pulling thru Portlandia we gave a little wave to our old cubicles.
Made it to California! Good to see so much snow on Mount Shasta. 750 miles to go…Mount ShastaPink Flowers
Driving down the I-5 corridor thru the San Joaquin Valley must be one of the most boring drives ever, but this sunset helped.Sunset on I5
Finally made it to San Diego. Housesitting for a friend with this view!Encinitas
Breakfast at our favorite coffee house.Pannikin Coffee House, Encinitas
Fishing with my parents.  Fishing Champagne Lakes
Camping at Indian Flats Campground. Been going here for over 20 years and it hasn’t changed one bit.Indian Flats Campground Indian Flats Campground
We arrived a little late in the year and most of the water was already gone but still bitter cold. Indian Flats Campground Indian Flats Campground Indian Flats CampgroundIndian Flats Campground

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