Mike on his SUP in the San Juan Islands, WA
Limerick at anchor in the San Juan Islands. Mt Baker in the distance.
Minivan Camping near the Seven Mile Bridge, Florida Keys
Cenote Ik Kil, Yucatán, Mexico.
Camille at anchor in Mexico
Snorkeling in Cozumel, Mexico
Camille from above
Mike and Limerick in the San Juan Islands
Mike in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico (Camille in the distance)
Verena and Camille in Ensenada Grande, Baja, Mexico
Fireweed in Alaska
Butterfly Fish, Big Island, Hawai'i
Limerick underway in British Columbia
Mike and Dorado, Sea of Cortez, Mexico
Dolphins on the bow of Camille
Ice floes in Cook Inlet, Alaska
Limerick and Chatterbox Falls in Princess Louisa Inlet, BC
Surfboards, Sayulita, Mexico
Minivan Camper near Death Valley
Camille anchored off Isla San Francisco, Mexico
Fire Dancer, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Mike fishing for salmon in Alaska
Cruising down the Colorado River at Horseshoe Bend
Limerick and moon in BC
Limerick and SUPs on Pelican Beach, Cypress Island, WA
Limerick and Mike on his SUP in Reid Harbor, Stuart Island, WA
Bonfire on the beach in Shallow Bay, Sucia Island, WA

Mike & Verena

We met in Alaska, working aboard the NOAA hydrographic survey vessel FAIRWEATHER, collecting data for new nautical charts. After two cold years we moved to Portland, Oregon where we spent the next five years saving nearly every penny working as hydrographers for a mid-sized engineering firm.

In 2008, we both became licensed US Coast Guard captains (100 ton near-shore masters) and in 2011 we bought Camille, a 2001 Hunter 380, and started cruising full time.

After sailing down the coast from San Diego we spent nearly two years exploring the Sea of Cortez and Pacific Mexico and in July 2013 we made the Baja Bash back to San Diego. Camille sold a year later. Since then we drove our mini-van up to Alaska to spend 6 months working and playing. In 2015 we spent some time working and playing in WashingtonFlorida and in Cozumel, Mexico as well as deep-south Texas. The we headed to Panama for a little R&R. At the end of the year we bought another boat! This time a trawler named Limerick.

MIKE was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. Naturally leaning towards outdoor activities, 39 years ago, at the age of three, he nearly gave his mom a heart attack by riding his tricycle around the block solo. 

After getting his degree in biology he moved to the great state of Alaska at the age of thirty, where he fell in love with the ocean while working aboard research vessels and started to dream of heading someplace a little warmer. In 2004, he started work aboard the hydrographic research ship Fairweather where he met Verena who told him endless stories about sailing and cruising. He also caught the cruising bug and learned to sail on our first boats, a West Wight Potter 19 and later on our MacGregor 26X.


VERENA was born and raised in Germany as an only child to german parents. Always eager to explore, 38 years ago, at the age of three, she rode her tricycle into a row of rosebushes. 

In the late 80s Verena and her parents set off on their 38′ sloop JOY to immigrate to California and in 1992 they became US citizens. After high school in San Diego and working on losing her accent, Verena received her degree in geography and cartography from a small northern California college. Not knowing what to do next she applied to every job that sounded fun and ended up on a hydrographic research ship in Alaska with Mike. 

Verena’s parents also bought another sailboat and are currently cruising Mexico while producing the travel show Travel Secrets Mexico which airs on the Family Net channel every Saturday at 9pm PST. You can also watch every episode for free on the website.

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