Mike on his SUP in the San Juan Islands, WA
Limerick at anchor in the San Juan Islands. Mt Baker in the distance.
Minivan Camping near the Seven Mile Bridge, Florida Keys
Cenote Ik Kil, Yucatán, Mexico.
Camille at anchor in Mexico
Snorkeling in Cozumel, Mexico
Camille from above
Mike and Limerick in the San Juan Islands
Mike in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico (Camille in the distance)
Verena and Camille in Ensenada Grande, Baja, Mexico
Fireweed in Alaska
Butterfly Fish, Big Island, Hawai'i
Limerick underway in British Columbia
Mike and Dorado, Sea of Cortez, Mexico
Dolphins on the bow of Camille
Ice floes in Cook Inlet, Alaska
Limerick and Chatterbox Falls in Princess Louisa Inlet, BC
Surfboards, Sayulita, Mexico
Minivan Camper near Death Valley
Camille anchored off Isla San Francisco, Mexico
Fire Dancer, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Mike fishing for salmon in Alaska
Cruising down the Colorado River at Horseshoe Bend
Limerick and moon in BC
Limerick and SUPs on Pelican Beach, Cypress Island, WA
Limerick and Mike on his SUP in Reid Harbor, Stuart Island, WA
Bonfire on the beach in Shallow Bay, Sucia Island, WA
Mike freediving a wreck in Aruba
Beach day and snorkeling in Aruba

Past Boats

To record a bit of history here are some of the boat we used to own and have worked aboard.

2011 Hobie i9s Inflatable Kayak
March 2013 – March 2017
Since it’s inflatable we can store it below while underway so we can keep our decks uncluttered. The best part is that it can be peddled or paddled! Check it out here. Sold it to get a new Hobie SUP/kayak combo.

2006 Walker Bay 340ST (Super Tender)
March 2009 – present (for sale in Anacortes, WA)
Great dinghy we bought while boat-less and needing a fix. Was supposed to be tender to Camille but we decided it was just too big and heavy since we don’t feel davits are safe.

1999 MacGregor 26X “Webfoot”
May 2009 – January 2011
We wanted a boat that we could trailer easily with our small Toyota 4Runner, sleep in (very) comfortably, cook aboard, run up on a beach, go real shallow places, and generally be able to spend more than just the day in. The boat is great for our neck of the woods, if we had purchased a boat with a fixed keel we would have been confined to the five or ten mile stretch of river by our marina slip. As it is we can load Webfoot up on the trailer and within hours we can be sailing in Puget Sound or a pristine mountain lake. Learn more about Webfoot. Sold to a family from Tillamook, Oregon.

1998 West Wight Potter”Prudence” 

May 2008 – November 2008
Our first trailer sailor. Bought her for the same reasons we bought Webfoot but realized after one summer that 19 feet is just not enough space. Sold to a lovely lady in Newport, Oregon who changed her name to “Chill Pill”.

Folboat folding kayak “SeaGrin”
2004 – present (for sale in Anacortes, WA)
Mike bought this folding kayak while we were working in Alaska. He did a two week kayaking trip by being sea-planed into a remote area of Kodiak Island. He also spent six weeks in South America lugging the kayak all over the place.


Armstrong Marine Catamarans
Daytime survey work only
Summer of 2008, Columbia River
Summer 2011, Biloxi, Mississippi
Spring 2015, Panama City Beach, Florida
Spring 2016, Port Mansfield, Texas
Fall 2016, Venice, Louisiana

Summer of 2009, Oregon Coast
Old fishing vessel converted into a state-of-the-art research vessel. Staterooms were in the old fish holds (luckily everything had been completely remodeled). Surveyed the coast of Oregon to three miles out.

Summers of 2006 and 2007, Virginia
We spent two summers working out of Deltaville on the Chesapeake Bay on this beautiful catamaran.

2004-2006, Alaska
We lived aboard this research vessel for nearly two years. Nothing like cruising Southeast and Southcentral Alaska aboard a 230 foot ship and getting paid for it!

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