Florida Charter – Day 7

We had been promised the arrival of Mike from Yachting Vacations at 9:00-9:30am. He arrived at 10:30am. He started on fixing the battery issue right away but it took him until nearly 6:00pm. We walked to the market to buy a few fresh items, have some lunch and then took the dinghy out to do some exploring. This area is covered in mangroves which drop their leaves into the water making the water anything but clear. But the mangroves are really amazing by growing in salt water and purging excess salt through their leaves.

Florida Charter – Day 6

We left early and headed toward the Dry Tortugas. There was a lot of wind and the seas were building. We had also seen some lightning toward the south so we decided to put in at Marco Island Marina. After a few hours at sea I noticed and odd smell in the cabin. At first I thought it was the engine until I felt the settee above the batteries. It was super-hot! I got Mike (who was “captaining” the boat) and we opened up the battery compartment. The start battery was leaking battery acid and starting to look a bit...
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Florida Charter – Day 5

We left the dock at 9am after getting two new house batteries installed by Pete of Yachting Vacations. Dolphins and sea turtles greeted us as we headed out into Charlotte Bay and a few hours later into the Gulf of Mexico. We pulled into the Sanibel Island Marina just before sunset since there is no night sailing allowed. We had some quick Mac and Cheese and turned into get an early start in the morning.

Florida Charter – Day 4

Another night at the Burnt Store… We had a beautiful anchorage spot picked out for the night however due to circumstances with the boat we had to return to the dock. We have been told that the mechanic will be here in the morning to get the boat ready. It was a let down to only sail a couple of hours before experiencing a major system failure. Verena and I took the ding out to the small island that we had been to the day before to do some fishing. The trout amazed us with their acrobatics. Unfortunately all of...
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Florida Charter – Day 3

We got about 5 miles from the marina when we noticed that the house batteries seemed to be loosing their charge fairly quickly. We ran the engine for a while but the charge just didn’t hold very well. We called Yachting Vacations and decided to head back to the marina and get new batteries. Unfortunately the stores had closed by this time and batteries will be picked up in the morning. Another night at the dock…We did get in a little bit of sailing today and with very little wind too the chance to practice reefing and getting to know...
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Florida Charter – Day 2

Got up early, went for breakfast and returned the rental car. We had been told that we could not move aboard until 4pm and were trying to figure out what to do with all of the groceries and luggage between check-out and move-in. Luckily we were able to move aboard early and didn’t have to sit on the dock with three carts full of gear. Stowing and unpacking went fairly quickly. At 2pm Dave from Yachting Vacations came aboard to go over all of the systems on board. The orientation went quickly and we were done in a couple of...
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