Heading South :: Petersburg to Seattle

It finally stopped raining the day we had to leave Petersburg but not before Mike got in just a little more Alaska fishing.We drove aboard the M/V Taku for another overnight passage.Our room even had an opening window right on the “promenade deck.”Navigating the Wrangell Narrows is not something I would want to do with a 350 foot ship! Just look at all those nav-aids!The next morning we arrived in Prince Rupert, Canada. So far we had driven 800 miles from Anchorage to Haines, taken the ferry to Petersburg, and after arriving in Canada it’s still another 1,000 miles to go!This is how the...
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Heading South :: Haines to Juneau to Petersburg

Before leaving Haines we headed back down to the river to take a few more photos of bald eagles and to hopefully get another glimpse of the brown bear (aka grizzly) that had been hanging around. Watch the video at the end of the last post! Since there are no roads to connect most of Southeast Alaska, we boarded the M/V Malaspina to take a trip down the Alaska Marine Highway.  When we came up here, back in March, we made one long ferry-trip from Bellingham to Haines that took three days. This time we are dividing the journey into several shorter trips with 2-3 days at each destination. Eldred...
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Heading South :: Anchorage to Haines

We left Anchorage on Saturday and drove the 700 miles to Haines in three, slow-paced days. The timing was perfect for the fall foliage and we couldn’t have asked for better weather – that was until we arrived in Southeast Alaska. Since we crossed the border from Canada back into the US and into the Alaska panhandle it has been pretty standard Southeast AK rain. But it is amazingly beautiful nonetheless and still my favorite part of Alaska (Mike favors South-Central.) Just a couple of hours outside of Anchorage is the Matanuska Glacier.Here is a fact I learned in our...
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Trail of Blue Ice and New Mini Van Bed

Last weekend we went for a bike ride along the Trail of Blue Ice in the Portage Valley. The glaciers seem really vivid this time of year, probably because most of the snow that covered the ice has melted.It’s almost time to head back south so we are getting the van ready. Picked up these bike racks to transport our bikes… …and built a new bed for the van.  Here are photos of how we used to have the bed setup. Coming up here we didn’t have a bed in the van at all since we didn’t have time for a lot of stops. On our way back south...
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Hatcher Pass

Last weekend we drove up to Hatcher Pass and rented a little cabin. It came complete with a fridge stocked with everything we would want for breakfast.View from the pass of the Mat-Su Valley below. Anchorage is about an hour to the “right” in the valley.The ground is so thick and soft you just want to lay in  it all day (but it’s a bit too wet).The fireweed is still blooming. This is dwarf fireweed. The Little Su (Susitna) RiverIndependence Mine closed in the early 40s but the (now historic) remnants are still there. And so are the remnants and...
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Last weekend we took a drive down to Seward for a little mini-van camping.  Seward is a great little town that is more reminiscent of SE Alaska with lots of fir trees, clear water and small town atmosphere. Up around Anchorage, where we are working, it’s mostly deciduous trees and the water in Cook Inlet is about as clear as a milkshake. Sockeye Salmon I just can’t enough of that color! Fireweed.