Captain’s License Renewal

Verena said that I had too much time on my hands this summer and it must have been true. I was actually perusing the internet and found a job that sounded like the perfect fit. I believe a lot of the interest was due to the job being located in Hawaii. The small problem was that I needed a “bigger ticket”, i.e. I needed to have a captain’s license with an endorsement for greater tonnage. Since it was almost time to renew our licenses and we had some down time during hurricane season, we decided to go through the renewal...
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Half-Way Across

Mike is just about half-way across the Pacific to Hawai’i! Here is a note from Mike explaining his daily routine aboard: “I wake up around 11 and have brunch, retire to the aft deck for sun and light reading. Then enjoy a refreshing beverage in the afternoon followed by dinner. Lay down for a bit then do the 8-12 watch. Sleep some then do the 4-8 watch, then sleep some more and repeat. Relaxing. The most excitement today was emptying the fuel bladder into the tank.” s/v Xyra the day before departure As for me… I’m still in Mexico visiting...
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West Coast Travels

After a beautiful week-long drive down the coast of Oregon and California I waved to Mike and the rest of the crew aboard s/v Xyra as they sailed off into the sunrise Saturday morning to sail to Hawai’i from Marina Del Rey. I am currently in Ensenada, Mexico aboard my parents boat Prana. We just had a great Mother’s day exploring the area. Below are photos from our trip south.