Mahi Mahi

by Mike — We talked to almost everybody we met about the mahi mahi (aka dolphinfish, dorado). Where are they? Have you caught any? Has anyone caught any? The consensus has been that it was a very late spring (hard to believe for us that the weather has been cooler than usual as we melt away). So the argument went that the mahi mahi will not “show up” until the water and air temps start warming up. We waited patiently wondering what we needed to do to catch one of the most beautiful fish in the sea. We finally started...
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Crossing the Sea

Leaving Baja in our wake We’re in Mazatlan after our third crossing of the Sea of Cortez. We’re on our way to Puerto Vallarta where we will be spending the summer (aka hurricane season). Since early July we’ve been making our way south from the Loreto area and now all that is left is one overnight trip. We had a very long swell on our crossing which we’re attributing to the two hurricanes brewing down south. After the calm of the Sea it was nice to feel the motion of the ocean under our keel. Cooling off during the crossing...
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