Mexican food made easy. And no fridge required!

Tortilla Machine in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle Now that we are in Mexico tortillas have become a staple food, so I figured I better learn how to make them in case we run out. Corn tortillas are a breeze as long as you have Maseca (the recipe is right there on the bag and even I can decipher the spanish instructions), water and salt. Most important is a tortilla press! Not wanting to add more gadgets to my galley I tried making them without a press and they turned out a “bit” thick. Since fresh meat only lasts a few...
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Some days ago Mike had yet another birthday. We hadn’t really been out to a fancy dinner since leaving Portland and were happy to have an excuse to dine in style. Punta Morro Resort, just outside of town, has a fabulous restaurant over the ocean. When the seas are big, waves splash onto the windows just beyond the tables. Since the sun has been setting around 5pm here, we arrived after sunset and instead were treated to the moon setting into the pacific ocean. 

Vaka Visit

Seven beautiful vakas (traditional polynesian voyaging canoes) pulled into our marina today. They are on their way to the South Pacific via the Galapagos while filming a documentary on preserving the oceans. More about their journey… Today was Australia Day and since we have a few boats from Australia here, we had a bit of a celebration and potluck. Mike and I even had our first taste of Vegemite – not bad!Not having a lot of time between boat projects I threw together a quick pasta salad. The recipe is on GalleySwap.


I love Passion Tea Lemonade from Starbucks. Unfortunately, it’s just not in our budget for daily consumption, so I was really excited when my dear friend gave me a box of Passion tea from Tazo, along with a handwritten recipe card, as a going-away present. It was not only a great gift because I love the tea so much, but because Tazo’s headquarters in Portland, Oregon – where we’d been living the past five years. Incidentally, here in Mexico it’s called Hibiscus Tea Lemonade since that is actually the main ingredient in the tea. The first time I tried to order it I got blank...
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Drying Fruit

Down the street from our house is an empty property that once must have had a grand house on it. What’s left is a beautiful garden complete with fruit trees. A few weeks ago we harvested several bags full of fruit from the pear trees that adorn the circular driveway. They finally finished ripening and we are drying and vacuum-sealing the pears after giving the sliced fruit a bath in citrus water, which should keep them from getting brown. For great on-board recipes check out our sister site GalleySwap!

Food Preservation

With summer and the growing season clearly coming to an end, we’ve been canning beets, beef, salmon and today peaches. We’ve also been drying all of our favorite fruit. Yesterday we had a fun time with our neighbors making sauerkraut from scratch which should be ready to can in a few weeks. We are using the Blue Book by Ball which has easy to follow instructions. You can find an introduction to canning on their website. For more great on-board recipes check out our sister site GalleySwap! Beets about to be pressure-cooked.