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Our Favorite Boat Snack

Meals on board are always a nice time to just sit back, relax, and enjoy the sail or scenery. One of our favorite boat snacks (it’s a meal really) is crackers with cheese and salami. It’s quick and easy, creates hardly any dishes, and the “consumer” can get creative in decorating their crackers. Add a variety of yummy mustards or dips to make each bite unique! TIPS:  If your plates don’t have rubber bottoms lay down a moist towel to discourage the plates from departing the table. If you buy a whole salami there is no need to refrigerate it...
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Garbage Can Potatoes

We love potatoes! Yes, yes, I know, waaaay too many carbs. I try to replace them with mashed parsnips or celery root but my captain won’t hear of it. Must be his northern European roots. So this year we are trying to grow our own. In a holey garbage can! Basically you are supposed to fill the can about half way with some nice organic soil, add seed potatoes, some more soil and then keep it watered. Every time new shoots come up, add some more compost around the stem but not the leaves. When the flowers start to fade...
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The boat before The Big Boat

Our current boat is 26 feet long and sits on a trailer in our driveway. This is our (second) practice boat. The one we can afford to make more mistakes on. We bought it with the name of Webfoot which suits us just fine. It is a sail-/motor-boat, which means it doesn’t do either one of those functions very well. It has a 50 horse power outboard which doesn’t quite get it up on a plane and two sails which propel it forward but not with any astounding speeds. The advantage is that we can trailer it all over the...
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The search for the perfect cookie

Since we’ve sworn off nearly everything deemed unhealthy (sugar, flour, you name it), the other captain has really been missing his cookies. I’ve been doing a lot of experimentation and have finally found a recipe that seems to satisfy his cravings. These are also great dipped into some melted cocoa. I found this pure, organic, sugar-free cocoa powder. Coconut Macaroons 1-1/4 cups unsweetened shredded coconut Dash of teaspoon cinnamon 2 egg whites, beaten 1 teaspoon raw honey or  5- 10 drops of stevia Beat egg whites very stiff, fold in honey and continue beating. Fold in shredded coconuts. Drop from...
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Florida Charter – Day 16

We departed Sanibell Island with the rising  sun and sailed to Cayo Costa State Park for our last night aboard. What a beautiful place. We finally got to see a manatee! We celebrated our last night with the best margaritas this side of the border! The recipe is below and can be found on GalleySwap – our recipe sharing community. The next morning we pulled anchor early to get back to the Burnt Store Marina and return the boat. Grapefruity Margaritas 1 fresh squeezed grapefruit 2-3 fresh squeezed oranges 1-2 fresh squeezed limes 2/3 cup Grand Marnier 1 cup Good...
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Florida Charter – Day 12

We had a great day of very leisurely sailing. The water was an incredible blue-green as we were close to shore all day. We contacted Yachting Vacations and they said they will have someone out tomorrow morning to replace the alternator. We arrived back at Marco River Marina near sunset. This gave me a chance to try out the Key Lime Pie recipe from our cruising guide. It tasted amazing! I have made it with regular limes since and it works just fine. Add a dollop of whipped cream for a special treat. Easy Key Lime Pie One 9″ graham...
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