MacGregor 26X Sailboat

About our Head

Note: This was the head on our previous boat, Webfoot. While we no longer have a composting head we are happy to answer any questions so feel free to send us an email. When we purchased Webfoot it came fully equipped with a used(!) porta-potty. Some of the parts were missing, so the blue liquid (also kindly included) would slosh out if the boat rocked too much. Luckily for us, the compartment that holds the “added” liquids was well sealed. Needless to say the potty had to go. But now we were left with the question of what to replace it...
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Why did we choose Webfoot?

This is a question that I have wondered about many times while spending yet another Saturday working on the boat in the driveway. It was around this time last year that we were narrowing our choices of boats to replace our beloved West Wight Potter that we had sold down the river the previous fall. The old saying that the happiest day of owning a boat is the day that you sell it or is it the day that you buy it? This had some truth to it in our circumstance. We were very happy with our 19′ West Wight...
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The Greatest Cleaner

I scrubbed my little hands raw this weekend cleaning the boat after a long, wet Oregon winter. Webfoot was covered in green slime and I’ve been dreading cleaning day. After reading about Bar Keepers Friend on another website I got the inspiration I needed to get me going. First I tried it on our kitchen sink and shower in the house. After noticing that the stuff appeared to keep on working after I hosed it off I was sold. The sink just kept on getting brighter and whiter! And the stuff is supposedly not harmful to the environment! Here is a...
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The boat before The Big Boat

Our current boat is 26 feet long and sits on a trailer in our driveway. This is our (second) practice boat. The one we can afford to make more mistakes on. We bought it with the name of Webfoot which suits us just fine. It is a sail-/motor-boat, which means it doesn’t do either one of those functions very well. It has a 50 horse power outboard which doesn’t quite get it up on a plane and two sails which propel it forward but not with any astounding speeds. The advantage is that we can trailer it all over the...
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