April finds us in Cozumel. We rented a little “villa” for the month, in a house of six units right on the water. We’re living large and spending a fraction of what it cost us to camp in the Florida Keys. Cozumel is a bit more expensive than areas of Mexico we cruised aboard Camille but the current exchange rate is working in our favor. Right in front of our villa is a great place to snorkel. We even brought our inflatable kayak along.   The deck is huge with incredible views perfect for sundowners. We have a full kitchen and since Mike’s parents are coming...
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Baja Bash Wrap-Up

We have completed the dreaded Baja Bash! I have been agonizing over this trip for weeks and it turns out that by going at the right time of year and with good weather windows, it doesn’t really have to be much of a bash at all. We actually had a rather good time except for the fact that it was quite chilly at night (anything below 70 feels like the dead of winter now) and we had to motor the entire time. We left Turtle Bay three days ago in the evening with a very short weather window to go...
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More Than Half Way!

Baja Bash :: Days Three to Six  We made it to Turtle Bay this morning! It felt great to turn off the engine after three days of constant noise. We left Mag Bay late in the evening to have an early morning transit of Cape San Lazaro in calm seas – it was so calm we didn’t even notice we were rounding a cape. So far we have been very lucky with the weather. Nothing but big long swells and less than 5 knots of wind. We haven’t sailed a single mile but we’re not complaining – considering the alternative...
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Radar Love

Baja Bash :: Days One to Three We are currently anchored in Magdalena Bay. About one quarter of the way to Ensenada (about 800 miles in total). We are here to get some diesel (being delivered right now*) and to wait for another weather window. We departed Cabo at 5am to catch the morning calm to round Cabo Falso. As the sun came up we watched a 20 foot swell (a gift from hurricane Cosme) pound the cape. Once we rounded the corner we had huge following seas and a nice tailwind (thanks Cosme!) for most of the morning. Leaving...
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What’s next?

We just arrived in Cabo San Lucas. What a crazy place after the peaceful anchorages we’ve had mostly to ourselves over the past few weeks. So, why are we here? We’re on our way north! After a year and a half of living and cruising around Mexico we’ve decided it’s time to head back to the good ole US of A for a while and maybe restock the kitty. Maybe do a little land travel. Going back to the states from the Sea of Cortez is not as simple as it sounds. We have to do the “Baja Bash”: One thousand...
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The Hard Life in Mexico Isn’t All Bad

We are back in the water after four days in the boatyard. It feels good to be floating again. Every night when the Coromuels blew the boat would shudder and I had visions of us falling over. Living in the boatyard wasn’t so bad thanks to our freshwater-flush head and huge holding tank. Some people actually climb down the ladder in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom! During the day we collected wash water in the sinks and drained it at night when we were sure no one was under the drains. We now have two coats...
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