Renting a Car in Mexico

Once in awhile we rent a car for a day to go grocery shopping and run errands. If there is a lot of running around to do it is just so much more convenient than riding the bus and taking a taxi back with loads of groceries. We start by reserving the car online via Priceline. There is no need to pre-pay or give them a credit card. All they want is a name. When I first saw that we could rent a car here for $5 per day I couldn’t believe it. Well, don’t believe it. That price does not include insurance and basic...
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I bet you’ve never seen that before!

La Paz, Mexico We’re back from spending the last two weeks in the national park islands near La Paz – where there is no internet… We snorkeled, swam, kayaked, watched wildlife and paddle-boarded. While sitting on the beach on Isla San Francisco we saw a fish that looked like he was poking his head into the water with his tail sticking up. When we went to investigate we found that a moray eel had tried to eat a fish much larger than his head and must have choked on his meal. manta ray manta ray trigger fish ceviche!

How Does One Week Turn Into Three?

La Paz, Mexico We had planned on being in Mazatlan for one week. It took us three to get out of there and we finally made it to La Paz a couple of days ago. So what took so long? When we arrived in Mazatlan our Yanmar had logged just over 1,000 hours; and since there is a Yanmar service center in Mazatlan we decided to have them help us with our 1,000 hour service so we could be ready for the Baja Bash. We believe that our engine is one of our biggest safety features and it needs to...
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Fiesta Mexicana for Travel Secrets TV Show

Last night, along with my parents, we were invited to film a Mexican Fiesta for the next (fifth) episode of the Travel Secrets Mexico TV Series. We enjoyed delicious food from several states such as Jalisco, Guerrero and Sinaloa as well as dances from different regions around Mexico. The highlight of the evening was the fire-dance where the dancers/warriors show off how much heat their skin can handle. The TV series is produced by my parents aboard their sailboat. The hope is to help restore some trust in Mexico’s tourism and get tourist to once again visit this beautiful (and safe)...
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Old Town Mazatlan

This is our third time in Mazatlan and each time we come here we want to stay longer. There aren’t many gringo tourists here as some bad press from the US has converted this vibrant city primarily into a tourist destination for Mexican nationals. The ease with which we can get around Mazatlan without a car must be the towns biggest perk. Simply wait at the side of the road for a few minutes and when the right bus passes by stick out your index finger – no need to find a bus station. When you are ready to get...
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More Tangled Wildlife

After nearly eight months in Banderas Bay we are finally on the move again. Hurricane season and then some personal issues kept us in a marina much longer than we had anticipated. We just arrived in Mazatlan after a nice two night passage. Considering we could have driven here in a few hours (it’s only 170 miles as the boat travels) we made pretty good time. We had mostly no wind which was a good thing as the prevailing winds this time of year are from the north (the direction we were heading of course). We saw amazing phosphorescence, spinner dolphins, some late season...
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