I am a bit obsessed with organizing. I drive Mike nuts because I’m always “organizing his stuff away”. I try to go through one area of the boat at least once a week, reorganizing and tossing things we no longer need.  On a boat there is not much space for any unimportant items.Our “garage” is the guest bed, there are boxes of tools in our bedroom, and food and spare parts under our bed. As I’m writing this I’m sitting next to a pillow filled with spare blankets. We’re surrounded by our stuff! Living in a house it was easy to put stuff out in the...
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Provisioning and Lessons Learned

Before heading further south into Mexico we spent three months in Ensenada (60 miles south of the border) getting Camille ready and driving across the border to San Diego once a week to buy parts and gear. During this time I was learning what types of food are available at Mexican grocery stores but we had a hard time weaning ourselves from what’s familiar. So we filled Camille to the waterline with all of our favorite foods from Trader Joe’s and cases of wine from Whole Foods (only $2 per bottle and much better than the two buck Chuck from TJs!)....
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en·tro·py (ˈɛntrəpɪ) : noun 1. lack of pattern or organization; disorder; chaos 2. order leading to disorder Why is it that every time I get the boat spic-and-span something breaks? It’s usually just some seemingly small issue… such as the galley faucet that started leaking today. But since we live in a boat-shaped 38′ by 12′ space total entropy ensues – in a matter of minutes.  To get to the faucet the entire under-sink-cabinet has to be cleared out. Since there was a leak everything has to be dried as well. In a house this would be no problem: Simply put everything from under the sink somewhere next to you...
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Clothes and Laundry

  Living on a boat comes with some restrictions in storage and living space – to put it mildly. Long gone are the days of browsing through my selection of tops hanging in neat rows on individual hangers. On board Camille my clothes are crammed into a couple of bins set atop the closet. Yes, we do have a few  nice closets, with shelves and room to hang things, but that space is taken up by food, tools and spare parts. Our Wardrobe ~ Mike and I were lucky to have had very relaxed jobs where jeans and t-shirt were the norm, so switching to shorts...
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Useful Things

There are so many lists and guides on the internet of things you just have to have on a cruising boat that I didn’t want to make yet another list, but I have found some things that I have not seen listed elsewhere which we use almost daily. Spotlight The rechargeable variety and the smaller the better. Not only useful for the obvious reasons like finding your way into a harbor at night but also for finding your boat in a dark anchorage. We have reflective tape at the top of our mast that guides us back to our boat...
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iPad on Board

Sailing the Sea of Cortez NOTE: This article was also published on the Women and Cruising website as well as being one of the 12 most popular articles of 2012. Women and Cruising is an excellent source for the cruising woman – whether out cruising or still in the planning stages. The iPad was one of the best purchases we made before heading south. We bought it at the last minute after realizing that buying new chart cards for our rather outdated chart-plotter could become quite expensive in the long run. The iPad 3/4G comes with an “assisted GPS” (IMPORTANT: the basic WiFi version does...
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