Going Digital

Before moving aboard we converted as many of our things as possible to digital format. We knew there would be no space on a boat for years of paperwork and stacks of music CDs. We had originally planned on not keeping anything that wouldn’t fit on the boat but there were just some things we couldn’t part with so we bought a small cargo trailer that is being stored with family. When we moved from Portland to San Diego, where Camille was waiting for us, it made the big move rather painless. UPDATE: When we sold Camille it was easy...
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DIY Boat Cards

Traveling by boat we meet a lot of people – we live “next door” to them in marinas and anchorages. Having a common bond, we get to know each other quickly and “what do you do for a living” and “can you believe that traffic” is replaced with “what do you think of the upcoming weather” and “where can I find the showers”. It’s nice to be able to have a little something to remember these people by, so most cruisers carry boat cards which are similar to business cards, only the boat is the “company” being represented.Being full-time travelers...
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Space Saving Ideas

  Storage on a boat is at a premium. Since we first started talking about preparing to move onto a boat we have been getting rid of bulky stuff and buying tiny versions of everything we wanted or needed. But being tiny isn’t the only requirement to make it aboard. Serving double-duty is another. Hardly anything on our boat serves just one function. Tables make into beds, couches and beds cover electronics and tanks, refrigerator doors serve as counter space. Extra linens are huge space-hogs, so to be sure we have spare sheets for our guests, I stuff decorative pillowcases with towels and blankets rather...
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