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What We Learned From Our First Cruising Boat

This article was also published in 48° North Magazine – a great, free sailing magazine for the Pacific Northwest. You can read it here starting on page 45. It was also published on the Women and Cruising website – a great resource for women cruisers. Click here to view my other published articles. It’s been nearly a year since we sold Camille and we’re starting to think about our next boat. We’ve had a nice break but the sea is calling. When we were boat shopping before we bought Camille, we had some ideas on what we wanted out of a boat...
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Why do we Cruise?

This article was also published in Cruising Outpost Magazine. See it here. There is a stereotype that says that most cruising couples are out cruising because the male instigated the lifestyle. On our boat this is not the case. I am the instigator of our current cruising life but in actuality it was the male in my family that started this whole thing. Back in the late 80s my dad got the cruising bug and over the course of a year my parents and I sailed from Germany to California as we immigrated to the US (more on that here). This...
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Sea Turtle Rescue

This is the (true) story of how a dorado saved the life of a sea turtle…. Also published in 48° North Magazine’s September 2012 issue.   After an early morning start from Mazatlan, we headed for Puerto Vallarta. Mike was napping below and I was whiling away the time of my watch with a good book in our sunny cockpit. There wasn’t much of a breeze and just a few clouds. Being “on watch” simply means we look around every ten minutes or so, making sure we are still on course and no other vessels are in sight. Occasionally we also...
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iPad on Board

Sailing the Sea of Cortez NOTE: This article was also published on the Women and Cruising website as well as being one of the 12 most popular articles of 2012. Women and Cruising is an excellent source for the cruising woman – whether out cruising or still in the planning stages. The iPad was one of the best purchases we made before heading south. We bought it at the last minute after realizing that buying new chart cards for our rather outdated chart-plotter could become quite expensive in the long run. The iPad 3/4G comes with an “assisted GPS” (IMPORTANT: the basic WiFi version does...
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