Road Trips

s/v Camille – Our First Home

We spent our first night aboard Camille last night as her new owners. We are very thankful this Thanksgiving. For background info about us and to see more photos of Camille visit our About page. After our last day at work in Portland, we had less than a day to finish packing the van and trailer in order to make it to San Diego by Tuesday, as Wednesday was to be the big day for the offshore delivery. We had been planning for this day for years by reducing our belongings and selling off furniture – yet in the end we still...
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US States Visited Summer 2011

Now that summer is almost over and we have no set plans for further travels I am taking stock of all the places we visited this summer. We really got around! Here is a map of all the states we visited together with the exception of Hawai’i, which is where Mike sailed to while I was in Mexico. We made a “circumnavigation” of the west and took a quick jaunt to Florida while working in Biloxi, Mississippi. Map made with

The circle is complete

The past two months have been rather eventful. We sort of made a circumnavigation of the western US (see map below). Here are the numbers: Over 5,000 miles driven in my tiny Honda Accord 2,500 miles in a sailboat (Mike) 3 countries (US, Canada, Mexico) 12 U.S. states (WA, OR, CA, HI, NV, UT, AZ, NM, CO, WY, MT, ID) 5 National Parks (Zion, Mesa Verde, Grand Teton, Yellowstone, Olympic) 1 week of cruising the San Juan and Canadian Gulf Islands on a tiny sailboat  Photo Albums:Road Trip | Oregon to Southern CaliforniaV visits parents in EnsenadaM sails to Hawai’iRoad...
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West Coast Travels

After a beautiful week-long drive down the coast of Oregon and California I waved to Mike and the rest of the crew aboard s/v Xyra as they sailed off into the sunrise Saturday morning to sail to Hawai’i from Marina Del Rey. I am currently in Ensenada, Mexico aboard my parents boat Prana. We just had a great Mother’s day exploring the area. Below are photos from our trip south.

Umpqua Lighthouse State Park

View of Lake Marie We’re finally on our way south, where we have hopes of seeing some sunshine and warmer temperatures. Last night we stayed at a “rustic” cabin at the Umpqua Lighthouse State Park with a view of Lake Marie. While it was a bit chilly in the evening, the cabin comes with a small heater so it was all very civilized.