How Does One Week Turn Into Three?

La Paz, Mexico We had planned on being in Mazatlan for one week. It took us three to get out of there and we finally made it to La Paz a couple of days ago. So what took so long? When we arrived in Mazatlan our Yanmar had logged just over 1,000 hours; and since there is a Yanmar service center in Mazatlan we decided to have them help us with our 1,000 hour service so we could be ready for the Baja Bash. We believe that our engine is one of our biggest safety features and it needs to...
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How to Stay Safe

It seems to me that many people over-think this whole cruising thing before they set out and buy things they would never use in their land-lives. For example, if you didn’t own a gun before, why is it necessary to own a gun when you move onto your boat? Much like I would not make my home in the slums of (insert some city here) I would not take my floating home to the slums of (insert some country here). Our boat is our home and we plan on living in places we like, and feel safe and comfortable in. We never...
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Anatomy of an Overnight Passage

This is a play-by-play account of our short overnight passage from Tenacatita to Banderas Bay. It seems like blogs are always about destinations so I thought I would share real-time how we spend 30 hours at sea. This passage was a bit tricky as it involved the rounding of a cape – Cabo Corrientes at the south end of Banderas Bay. All weather forecasts suggested benign conditions and favorable winds. Here is what really happened. SATURDAY 0400 We’re at anchor in Tenacatita and I can’t sleep. I grab a headlamp and start reading my book. Mike wakes up 10 minutes...
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Captain’s License Renewal

Verena said that I had too much time on my hands this summer and it must have been true. I was actually perusing the internet and found a job that sounded like the perfect fit. I believe a lot of the interest was due to the job being located in Hawaii. The small problem was that I needed a “bigger ticket”, i.e. I needed to have a captain’s license with an endorsement for greater tonnage. Since it was almost time to renew our licenses and we had some down time during hurricane season, we decided to go through the renewal...
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A couple weeks into our 21-day Atlantic crossing from the Canary Islands to Barbados we were sailing along nicely while I was fast asleep in my bunk. It was that magic time when things always seem to go wrong – around 2am. I was awoken by a loud thud and a strong jerk which felt like the boat had come to a sudden stop. It was all hands on deck. The boat had indeed stopped moving, though the sails were still full and trying hard to pull the boat. Had we run aground in the middle of the Atlantic? We checked the...
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Why is my boat on shore?

NOAA Ship Fairweather in Alaska – where Mike and I lived aboard and worked for two years. As many of you may know, Mike and I worked as hydrographers for the past 8 years. Nearly every time we tell someone about our (former) profession we are met with blank stares — hydro-what? Hydrography:  : of or relating to the characteristic features (as flow or depth) of bodies of water : relating to the charting of bodies of water – Miriam Webster Dictionary Hydrography is the science of measuring the depths of navigable bodies of water and searching for underwater dangers to navigation, acquiring...
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