Trawler Life

Jones Island

For $200 you can get an entire year of mooring and docking in Washington’s state parks. That is a great bargain especially if you don’t limit your cruising to the summer. Turns out few people actually cruise in the winter and we have had every anchorage to ourselves so far. We spent a few sunny days at Jones Island before the weather turned ugly and drove us into port.The floating docks are removed in winter but landing the dinghy is a breeze on the steep beach. Of course dinghy wheels like we had on Camille would certainly make it easier to pull...
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Dealing with Condensation

When we cruised Mexico aboard Camille we had very few issues with moisture and condensation. Baja is a desert and the windows were always open to keep the air flowing. Here in the Pacific Northwest we have the opposite: rain, cold, closed windows. A cushion resting against the hull will be damp in no time. The diesel heater is helping to dry things out on the hook. When we are at the dock we use space heaters pointed at enclosed spaces. One of the biggest moisture collectors is the bottom of a mattress after sleeping on it for a night. On Camille we had a...
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Shake-down Cruise

Before we decide what gear to add (or remove) from Limerick we are taking her out on a shake-down cruise for a few weeks and getting to know her. From Seattle we headed up to the San Juan Islands with a stop-over in Mystery Bay near Port Townsend. The past few of days were like summer in January. Well, maybe not as warm – we sure love the Webasto heater the previous owner installed! There is a small system pulling through today so we are hiding out at Rosario Resort and enjoying their spa facilities which are included in the moorage. All photos in...
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Maiden Voyage Aboard Limerick

A couple of days ago we “set sail” for the first time aboard “Limerick” and left the Kipsap Peninsula in our wake headed for Seattle.It was about 40 degrees out but we were snug in our heated cabin while navigating the Sound. What a change from a sailboat! The other thing we noticed (aside from being toasty warm and inside) was that our cruising speed was twice that of Camille. And they say trawlers are slow.We had less than 20 miles to go but wanted to get an early start in case of any unforeseen occurrences. So we left before breakfast which I made once we were underway....
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The Next Chapter: Our New Boat

A couple of days before Christmas we finally moved aboard our new boat. It took us a while to figure out what we wanted to do after selling Camille a year and a half ago. We considered buying a house with some land, traveling by land, moving to Europe, etc. We came back up to the Pacific Northwest to look at some properties and spent a couple of weeks house shopping. But every time we drove past a marina we talked about what kind of boat we could buy after buying some property and all the places we would go on said boat. Turns out maybe...
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