2016 in Review

I haven’t done one of these reviews since 2012 — the first year we cruised on Camille. We bought Limerick Christmas 2015 and the first thing we did was to take a little shakedown cruise for the new year. A trip to the San Juan Islands was a great way to unwind after the whirlwind of buying a boat and get to know our new home.In February we got down to the business of making some improvements to Limerick and spent the entire month in dry dock. We replaced the shaft and propeller, painted the bottom and made a variety of repairs.With boat work finally...
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That’s a Wrap!

In our opinion, the Pacific Northwest is one of the world’s most beautiful cruising grounds, but the cruising season can be rather short – some say it’s only two months: July and August. Of course when cruising on a trawler with a heater, this window tends to be much longer. This year our season was cut down to just two months not counting a couple of shakedown cruises. Since we purchased Limerick at the beginning of the year, we had some maintenance and modifications to make and didn’t get away from the dock until late May. By the end of July, we had to call it quits...
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After two months of collecting and processing data for new NOAA nautical charts off Panama City Beach we are finally traveling again. I flew out to Florida but Mike had some time and made the long drive from Seattle. He drove down to San Diego to drop off our Alaska gear (skis, down coats, etc) and picked up our kayak, and camping and snorkel gear before heading east. Our little mini van now has over 175,000 miles on it. We were surprised at how cold it had been in PCB and could not wait to head further south. Neither one of us had...
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Back in the PNW

We’ve been back in the lower 48, in Seattle to be exact, for nearly a month. The weather has been reminiscent of being in San Diego. We lived in the PNW long enough to know that this is not normal and are enjoying every minute of the sunshine. I took the photo above on a bike ride through the Snoqualmie Valley. We already experienced the fall colors up in Alaska and get do it all over again down here. A few days ago I went with Mike to fuel up the work boat on the other side of Elliott Bay – the bay...
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