May 21, 2012

Useful Things

There are so many lists and guides on the internet of things you just have to have on a cruising boat that I didn’t want to make yet another list, but I have found some things that I have not seen listed elsewhere which we use almost daily. Spotlight The rechargeable variety and the smaller the better. Not only useful for the obvious reasons like finding your way into a harbor at night but also for finding your boat in a dark anchorage. We have reflective tape at the top of our mast that guides us back to our boat...
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Isla Espiritu Santo

Icons on map are clickable for more information on anchorages, marinas, snorkel spots, etc. Zoom out for others. The past four weeks have been spent almost entirely without access to the internet. At first I was worried about missing important emails. Turns out I don’t get any important emails. When I was finally able to get back on Facebook – which I usually check daily – I realized I hadn’t missed anything there either. How about world news? Not much new there. After arriving in La Paz from Mazatlan we stocked up on food and headed about 15 miles north...
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