SUP in the San Juan Islands, WA
Limerick at anchor in the San Juan Islands
Seven Mile Bridge, Florida Keys
Seven Mile Bridge, Florida Keys
Cenote Ik Kil, Yucatán, Mexico.
Camille at anchor
Cozumel, Mexico
Camille from above
Limerick in the San Juan Islands
Mike in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico (Camille in the distance)
Ensenada Grande, Baja California Sur, Mexico
Fireweed in Alaska
Butterfly Fish, Big Island, Hawai'i
Limerick underway in British Columbia
Mike and Dorado, Sea of Cortez, Mexico
Dolphins on the bow of Camille
Ice floes in Cook Inlet, Alaska
Limerick and Chatterbox Falls in Princess Louisa Inlet, BC
Surfboards, Sayulita, Mexico
Camille at anchor in Baja
Isla San Francisco, Mexico
Fire Dancer, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Fishing Alaska
Horseshoe Bend. Colorado River
Limerick and moon in BC

Camille, a 2001 Hunter 380

We bought Camille Thanksgiving 2011 (read from the beginning) to start a new chapter in our lives and head south! Read our blog to find out what adventures we had with Camille and learn about our favorite gear and what equipment we had aboard. We sold Camille in July 2014.

After we sold Camille, I wrote a detailed post about what we liked and disliked about the Hunter 380 and what we would do differently with our next boat.

This was the intro video we had on the homepage when we lived aboard Camille. To see our current intro video go to the homepage.

Camille, 2001 Hunter 380

Layout Hunter 380


2011 Zodiak 250 Cadet
Sold with Camille
Dinghy to Camille. It has a rigid bottom made of fiberglass (RHIB). Though it’s a bit on the small side it was important to us that it can ride on the foredeck (we don’t like davits).  It also has a folding transom so we can store it below on longer passages. With its light weight one of us can easily pick it up and launch it. We added baja wheels to make beach landings even easier.


11/23-11/29 San Diego, CA
11/30-2/22/11 Ensenada

2/27-3/5 Turtle Bay
3/9-3/14 Cabo San Lucas
3/17-4/1 La Cruz
4/7-4/9 Mazatlan
4/12-4/14 Los Frailes
4/15-4/18 B. de los Muertos
4/20-5/30 La Paz
4/26-6/1 Isla Espiritu Santo
6/2 Isla San Francisco
6/3 Los Gatos
6/4-6/9 Bahia Aqua Verde
6/9-6/16 Ensenada Blanca
6/16-6/23 Isla Carmen
6/23-6/28 Isla Coronados
6/28-6/30 Ensenada Blanca
6/30-7/2 Bahia Aqua Verde
7/2-7/3 Isla San Francisco
7/3-7/6 Caleta Partida
7/6-7/7 La Paz
7/10-7/12 Mazatlan
8/14-8/18 Guadalajara
10/1-10/31 California (via air plane)
7/15-1/16/12 Puerto Vallarta

1/16-1/17 Punta de Mita
1/19-1/26 Tenacatita
1/26-1/28 Barra de Navidad
1/28-2/3 Tenacatita
2/4-4/2 Puerto Vallarta
4/4-4/23 Mazatlan
4/26-6/11 La Paz and islands
6/12-6/15 B. de los Muertos
6/15-6/22 Los Frailes
6/22-6/27 Cabo San Lucas
6/28-6/29 Mag Bay
7/2-7/4 Turtle Bay
7/7-7/13 Ensenada
7/13-  San Diego