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Why do we Cruise?

This article was also published in Cruising Outpost Magazine. See it here. There is a stereotype that says that most cruising couples are out cruising because the male instigated the lifestyle. On our boat this is not the case. I am the instigator of our current cruising life but in actuality it was the male in my family that started this whole thing. Back in the late 80s my dad got the cruising bug and over the course of a year my parents and I sailed from Germany to California as we immigrated to the US (more on that here). This...
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Relationships on Board

Without 9-5 jobs, cars and a big house Mike and I spend a lot of time together. People who don’t live on boats are often amazed at how we are able to cope. They think their mate would drive them nuts. While we do sometimes drive each other nuts I don’t think much more so than when we lived “normal” lives. In the past we worked for the same company and drove to work together, had lunch together if we didn’t eat at our desks and lived far away from close friends and family. We’ve always spent a considerable amount of time...
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Pink and Blue Jobs Aboard

Pink’s Point of View Our division of chores hasn’t changed much since moving aboard. Mike used to drive us to work (we worked for the same company) and now he mostly drives the boat – he is a much better boat-handler anyway. I’ve always been the organizer and cleaner. Mike’s used to fiddle with things in the garage, now he fiddles out in the cockpit. We both cook and we both stand watches underway. I like to make the boat cozy and comfortable just as I always did our homes on shore. Mostly we just divide chores by what we each feel like...
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I am a bit obsessed with organizing. I drive Mike nuts because I’m always “organizing his stuff away”. I try to go through one area of the boat at least once a week, reorganizing and tossing things we no longer need.  On a boat there is not much space for any unimportant items.Our “garage” is the guest bed, there are boxes of tools in our bedroom, and food and spare parts under our bed. As I’m writing this I’m sitting next to a pillow filled with spare blankets. We’re surrounded by our stuff! Living in a house it was easy to put stuff out in the...
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Provisioning and Lessons Learned

Before heading further south into Mexico we spent three months in Ensenada (60 miles south of the border) getting Camille ready and driving across the border to San Diego once a week to buy parts and gear. During this time I was learning what types of food are available at Mexican grocery stores but we had a hard time weaning ourselves from what’s familiar. So we filled Camille to the waterline with all of our favorite foods from Trader Joe’s and cases of wine from Whole Foods (only $2 per bottle and much better than the two buck Chuck from TJs!)....
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A couple weeks into our 21-day Atlantic crossing from the Canary Islands to Barbados we were sailing along nicely while I was fast asleep in my bunk. It was that magic time when things always seem to go wrong – around 2am. I was awoken by a loud thud and a strong jerk which felt like the boat had come to a sudden stop. It was all hands on deck. The boat had indeed stopped moving, though the sails were still full and trying hard to pull the boat. Had we run aground in the middle of the Atlantic? We checked the...
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