How to Stay Safe

It seems to me that many people over-think this whole cruising thing before they set out and buy things they would never use in their land-lives. For example, if you didn’t own a gun before, why is it necessary to own a gun when you move onto your boat? Much like I would not make my home in the slums of (insert some city here) I would not take my floating home to the slums of (insert some country here). Our boat is our home and we plan on living in places we like, and feel safe and comfortable in. We never...
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Why do we Cruise?

This article was also published in Cruising Outpost Magazine. See it here. There is a stereotype that says that most cruising couples are out cruising because the male instigated the lifestyle. On our boat this is not the case. I am the instigator of our current cruising life but in actuality it was the male in my family that started this whole thing. Back in the late 80s my dad got the cruising bug and over the course of a year my parents and I sailed from Germany to California as we immigrated to the US (more on that here). This...
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How to Make the Perfect Margarita

Happy National Margarita Day! We sure are glad to be in Mexico for this special day. Here is the recipe for our favorite Grapefruity Margaritas from our very own GalleySwap! 1 fresh squeezed grapefruit 2-3 fresh squeezed oranges 1-2 fresh squeezed limes 2/3 cup Grand Marnier 1 cup Good Tequila I try to do about a 1:1 ratio of juice to liquor, so add more liquor if you have particularly juicy fruits. Shake and pour over ice. Serve in a salt rimmed “glass“. Garnish with a wedge of grapefruit or lime.

Anatomy of an Overnight Passage

This is a play-by-play account of our short overnight passage from Tenacatita to Banderas Bay. It seems like blogs are always about destinations so I thought I would share real-time how we spend 30 hours at sea. This passage was a bit tricky as it involved the rounding of a cape – Cabo Corrientes at the south end of Banderas Bay. All weather forecasts suggested benign conditions and favorable winds. Here is what really happened. SATURDAY 0400 We’re at anchor in Tenacatita and I can’t sleep. I grab a headlamp and start reading my book. Mike wakes up 10 minutes...
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Bahia Tenacatita

After reading and hearing about a 2.5 mile water-trail through the mangroves in Bahia Tenacatita in this cruising guide we could not wait to go. Especially since there were supposed to be excellent snorkeling and great tacos at the end. We first tried tackling the trail near low water but soon found that we would need a machete or saw to make it through. So we waited a couple of days until high tide was at a more decent hour of the day and tried again – wood chopping tools at the ready. The first part of the trail is wide open, teeming with fish and birds....
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Whale Tails… or is it Tales?

After nearly six month of waiting out hurricane season, we are finally on the move again. We had planned on leaving just after the new year, but weather and a cold delayed us until now. Yesterday we made the short 15 mile hop over to Punta de Mita to get back into the groove of being away from the dock. Banderas Bay is teeming with whales right now and while we observed most of them from a distance I got a few lucky shot with my zoom lens. After fairly strong winds in the Sea of Cortez over the past...
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