Video | Ferry to Alaska

Taking the Alaska Marine Highway (ferry) from Bellingham, Washington to Haines, Alaska or Skagway, Alaska through the Inside Passage was a great way to do an Alaska cruise on the cheap. If you want more time to explore each stop book each leg separately as we did on our return trip. We took about a week at each stop to camp and then hopped back on the ferry. On the way back south we also wizened up and reserved a three bed stateroom instead of just two beds in a bunk bed formation. The three bed stateroom has a lot more floor space...
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VIDEO | It’s not all palmtrees and sunshine

Kids receiving school supplies We now have a SHOP on our website. I know, I know, not another blog with a store… Please watch the video below to understand what drove us to create this store. The video was created by my dad for the “Vacation with a Purpose” section of Travel Secrets Mexico. Seven years ago a small group of Americans and Canadians went to Puerto Vallarta’s city garbage dump and discovered that people were living and working inside of the dump in conditions that are unimaginable to most of us. These people were outcasts of society and their children were destined for the same.What we have noticed about poverty in Mexico...
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Video | Dual Use Foot Pump

When we first moved aboard Camille, we added a freshwater foot-pump to our galley sink so we would have a backup if our pressure waterpump failed. The foot-pump also helps us conserve water and electricity while at anchor. But we haven’t used it much. A cardinal rule of living aboard is that everything needs to serve at least two functions, so our foot-pump needed to become more useful. What we needed was good drinking water, and while our watermaker makes excellent, very drinkable water, we are a bit leery of our water tank. In the marina we use water from the dock to refill our tank and buy gallon...
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Video | Road Trip into the Mountains

Last week we rented a car for four days to take a trip into the Sierra Marde Mountains. I love road trips! Especially since Mike usually does the driving. The first thing we noticed was the amazing temperature difference. While Puerto Vallarta has been unbearably hot and humid, it was very comfortable as soon as we gained some elevation. So much for cool ocean breezes. The road to mile-high Guadalajara was five hours of mostly pot-holed country road. Being Mexico’s second largest city, there are somewhere between 4 to 7 million people who live in Guadalajara’s metro area! That generates a lot of traffic, both...
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Hospital Visit

  This morning we went to the hospital to shoot footage for the travel documentary my dad is working on – “Travel Secrets Mexico“. Having never been to a hospital in Mexico we didn’t know what to expect but we were pleasantly surprised to say the least. I don’t believe I have ever been to such a clean and nice facility in the US! Mike interviewed the medical director and the chief administrator of the hospital. It was his first on-camera interview and I think he finally found his calling in life. 😉 There were only a few patients today, so I played the part of...
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