Catalina Island

We’ve been settling back into life in the United States. Slowly. We bought a car, have been visiting with friends and family and are getting our affairs back in order. Life in the US is a bit different than living in Mexico. Most notably: it is expensive!!

But we can’t neglect our boat so when Mike’s parents came to visit we headed out to Catalina Island for four nights. It’s just a quick overnight sail of about 70 miles from San Diego and we had to motor the entire way there since the wind was coming (of course) right on the nose. But that made for a nice downwind run on the way back.

I hadn’t been to Catalina since about 1990 and not much has changed. It was fairly crowded and a mooring costs around $35 per night. We anchored one night but had to do so pretty close to shore since it gets deep fast. The water was incredibly clear and we even braved the super-cold water to see Leopard sharks, garibaldi, bat rays and beautiful kelp forests. What a change from Mexico.

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Beautiful tile-work everywhere.

The dinghy dock in Avalon
Up the mast in Isthmus Cove

Isthmus Cove

Anchored in Catalina Harbor

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  1. Good, 3 or 4 of the sailing blogs that I read are either selling their boats or not cruising anymore. I guess it’s the economy. I’m still holding onto hope that I can buy into property in Central America with my kids. That may be the closest I come to your lifestyle, unless of course I win the lottery and buy a boat. 😉

  2. Yes, land life is expensive! We sure hope cruising is a little easier on us. Catalina Island looks fantastic! Glad you’re enjoying Camille while you can! Will you live on another boat when she’s sold?

    1. We’re not sure what our plans are yet – kind of depends on where we can earn some cash. Thinking about some land travel but there is definitely another boat in our future!! Hope you sell your house SOON!

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