Florida Charter – Day 16

We departed Sanibell Island with the rising  sun and sailed to Cayo Costa State Park for our last night aboard. What a beautiful place. We finally got to see a manatee! We celebrated our last night with the best margaritas this side of the border! The recipe is below and can be found on GalleySwap – our recipe sharing community. The next morning we pulled anchor early to get back to the Burnt Store Marina and return the boat. Grapefruity Margaritas 1 fresh squeezed grapefruit 2-3 fresh squeezed oranges 1-2 fresh squeezed limes 2/3 cup Grand Marnier 1 cup Good...
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Florida Charter – Day 15

We did the same drill as the morning before however this time we retraced our path to Big Marco Pass to get back to the Gulf. The wind was on the nose the whole day and we motored and then we motored some more and then motored some more after that. Thankfully the small diesel engine purrs softly and with the fifteen to twenty knot wind it is hard to tell that we are even moving. Is that still Naples off to the starboard?!? Well after some discussion among the top brass it was decided that Sanibell Island would be...
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Florida Charter – Day 14

There was a light fog in the morning and we got up early. It was warm without the wind and I dove into the water and swam for the beach. The place was deserted and with the fog we could not see the hi rise condos on Big Marco. It was almost like being out there… somewhere without the experience we had yesterday with the marina. We wanted to get going early and after putting on some water for coffee we pulled the anchor. Our intentions were to go all the way up the inland water way to Naples and...
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Florida Charter – Day 13

We woke up at the Marco River Marina a third time in expectations that there would be a mechanic at the boat when promised, at 09:00. He showed up after 10:00, after going through the list of problems his only comment was “that is weird”. Another alternator was installed and we got a call while we were out scoping out an anchorage close by saying that the boat was ready. The third time was a charm and after only ten days we finally had a boat with a functional charging system. We now have only four days left on the...
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Florida Charter – Day 12

We had a great day of very leisurely sailing. The water was an incredible blue-green as we were close to shore all day. We contacted Yachting Vacations and they said they will have someone out tomorrow morning to replace the alternator. We arrived back at Marco River Marina near sunset. This gave me a chance to try out the Key Lime Pie recipe from our cruising guide. It tasted amazing! I have made it with regular limes since and it works just fine. Add a dollop of whipped cream for a special treat. Easy Key Lime Pie One 9″ graham...
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Florida Charter – Day 11

We had a beautiful day of exploring, swimming, and fishing. The wind stopped dead at sunset and we got to experience some more of the wonders of the Everglades. The bugs! We had to lock ourselves inside of the boat and decided that we better leave in the morning. We had also been noticing that the batteries hadn’t been charging when we ran the engine so we needed to have another repair done and decided to head back to Marco River Marina. There was also a barrier island near there that we wanted to explore further.