Making the Bed on a Boat – Made Easy

Ever try to make a boat bunk or RV bed to which you only have access from one side? It’s not easy! Add to that a mattress which is of non-standard dimensions and it makes for quite a challenging and frustrating exercise.  When we bought Limerick all of our cushions were covered in a palm tree fabric that we felt was just a little too busy. We had most of the cushions recovered in a soft, off-white vinyl. We like how it looks and any stains wipe right off — the engine room is just below the table so stains are inevitable. Here is a before and after.We decided not to cover the V-berth cushions in vinyl because it would not work well with sheets when we have guests staying in our forward cabin. Most times our V-berth ends up being the catch-all for jackets, blankets, tools, parts, etc. When we are doing big projects the V-berth becomes the workshop and I cover the cushions with some old, ill-fitting sheets.I finally found a better solution for our V-berth cushions. Bunk Sox! Yep, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Socks for your bunk cushions. An amazing alternative to the “fitted” bottom sheet, they can also be used to freshen up your look.Bunk Sox simply roll down onto the cushion and do not need to be tucked. Ever. The only seam is at the top, so even if it twists you will not be sleeping on an uncomfortable seam.I start at the widest part and roll down. Bunk Sox are made from a thick cotton/poly fabric, similar in feel to jersey, that stretches to fit the cushion. The remaining open end just folds under the mattress.Bunk Sox come in three different sizes. Our cushions are 29 inches at the widest part and about five inches tall. The small Bunk Sox are a perfect fit. And since they are perfectly washable we can also use them as a bottom sheet when we have guests. Lately we’ve been using the V-berth as more of a lounging room since it’s finally pretty and cozy in there. Oh, and remember the the post I did about ventilating the underside of our bunks to stop condensation?

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  1. Glad to see these in use. I was considering them until I realized they would cost me as much as the last set of boat sheets I got which didn’t work well for us at all.

    Do you have an idea of how much the sox have to stretch before they fully cover the mattress?

    1. Sorry to hear boat sheets did not work for you. Our V-berth mattresses are 29″ wide at their widest point and 25″ at their narrowest. The small bunk sox stretch from 24-30″ so they fit snug along our entire mattress. I have about a foot of remaining fabric at the open end on our bunks which I just fold under the mattress.

    1. Tucking is the worst! I hope they will work for you! Our aft cabin has an almost normal sized full-size bed. I secure the wall side with mattress suspenders (like these: and then just pull on the easily accessible side the morning to smooth the sheet. The sheet gets folded down small and the comforter gets folded twice and put on the bed. Minimal tucking. There is a pic of our bed on this page if that doesn’t make sense:

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