s/v Camille – Our First Home

We spent our first night aboard Camille last night as her new owners. We are very thankful this Thanksgiving.

For background info about us and to see more photos of Camille visit our About page.

After our last day at work in Portland, we had less than a day to finish packing the van and trailer in order to make it to San Diego by Tuesday, as Wednesday was to be the big day for the offshore delivery. We had been planning for this day for years by reducing our belongings and selling off furniture – yet in the end we still ended up with too much stuff and the trailer and van were filled to the brim. Here is the story (in pictures) of our trip south.

Our Champagne celebration three miles offshore was a giant step we worked very hard to get to. Thank you Gregg and Charlotte for the sweetest drink we have ever had!

Why is Camille called She?
A ship is called ‘she’ because there is always a great deal of bustle around her; there is usually a gang of men about, she has a waist and stays; it takes a lot of paint to keep her good looking; it is not the initial expense that breaks you, it is the upkeep; she can be all decked out; it takes an experienced man to handle her correctly; and without a man at the helm, she is absolutely uncontrollable. She shows her topsides, hides her bottom and when coming into port, always heads for the buoys.

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