Isla Espiritu Santo


Icons on map are clickable for more information on anchorages, marinas, snorkel spots, etc. Zoom out for others.

The past four weeks have been spent almost entirely without access to the internet. At first I was worried about missing important emails. Turns out I don’t get any important emails. When I was finally able to get back on Facebook – which I usually check daily – I realized I hadn’t missed anything there either. How about world news? Not much new there.

After arriving in La Paz from Mazatlan we stocked up on food and headed about 15 miles north to Isla Espiritu Santo and its nearby islands which are inhabited only by wildlife – except for the local fishermen staying in makeshift camps on occasion. The islands are surrounded by emerald green coves, white sand beaches, and brick-red cliffs covered in “Mexican snow” (aka bird guano). Frigate birds soar overhead, pelicans glide inches from the ocean, manta rays break the surface to do summersaults and dolphins leap through the air.

Our favorite place was the sea lion community on Los Islotes. Here you can swim with the sea lions. Most of the female sea lions seemed curious about us but the males were quite vocal in wanting to be left alone. I didn’t brave the water after seeing how large the males are up close. Mike went for a snorkel but stayed far away from a female that swam up to him at full speed and then veered at the last second. Apparently she does not welcome visitors near her arch.

We spent nearly four weeks exploring the many anchorages the islands have to offer. The last ten days were spent with Mike’s parents on board. It was great to be able to share this magical place.

Los Islotes covered in “snow”
DSCN0069Towing Mike on the SUP with the dinghy
Mike’s dad on the SUP inside of a sea cave
Spotting wildlife


Even more photos….

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