I bet you’ve never seen that before!

La Paz, Mexico

We’re back from spending the last two weeks in the national park islands near La Paz – where there is no internet…

We snorkeled, swam, kayaked, watched wildlife and paddle-boarded.

While sitting on the beach on Isla San Francisco we saw a fish that looked like he was poking his head into the water with his tail sticking up. When we went to investigate we found that a moray eel had tried to eat a fish much larger than his head and must have choked on his meal.

manta ray
manta ray

trigger fish ceviche!

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  1. Kind of wonder what the eel ended up doing. That’s actually pretty funny! Last year when we went to La Paz we looked longingly at that island. I’ve never felt so forlorn as I did then, down there with no boat. That water is so beautiful. We rented kayaks but my tender Washington skin will have to get used to being in that level of sunshine very slowly. I paid dearly for my time on the water.
    I love seeing the photos.

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