Trail of Blue Ice and New Mini Van Bed

Last weekend we went for a bike ride along the Trail of Blue Ice in the Portage Valley. The glaciers seem really vivid this time of year, probably because most of the snow that covered the ice has melted.06-DSCF22741-DSCF2258Trail of Blue Ice1-DSCF234305-IMG_1912Portage ValleyIt’s almost time to head back south so we are getting the van ready. Picked up these bike racks to transport our bikes… 04-DSCF2365…and built a new bed for the van.  Here are photos of how we used to have the bed setup. Coming up here we didn’t have a bed in the van at all since we didn’t have time for a lot of stops. On our way back south we want to take our time and have the option of sleeping in the van. We bought a few more Action Packers to make a total of six and had a piece of plywood trimmed by two feet to make a 4′ by 6′ bed.  Then we picked up two foam pads from Freddy’s and trimmed two inches from each one to make a full size bed. The whole thing is a bit taller than our old setup but we can still (barely) sit up in bed. Also picked up another gear hammock for Mike’s side the van. He never wanted one but somehow all of his stuff always ended up in “my” hammock.01-IMG_187302-IMG_187903-IMG_1892We also tried to do a little late season fishing but it was too late. Most of the fish are no longer edible as they are too far into the spawning process.11-DSC_830810-DSC_8392Male sockeye salmon develop a distinct hump and turn bright red while spawning and will soon die. All the dead fish make for a very interesting “scent” along the riverbanks.09-DSCF2191The fireweed still looks pretty even after it’s done blooming and has gone to seed. 08-DSCF2347

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