Heading South :: Petersburg to Seattle

02-DSCF3024It finally stopped raining the day we had to leave Petersburg but not before Mike got in just a little more Alaska fishing.01-DSCF300904-DSC_9410Petersburg, AK glacierWe drove aboard the M/V Taku for another overnight passage.05-DSCF3111Our room even had an opening window right on the “promenade deck.”M/V TakuNavigating the Wrangell Narrows is not something I would want to do with a 350 foot ship! Just look at all those nav-aids!06-DSC_945208-DSCF3160The next morning we arrived in Prince Rupert, Canada. So far we had driven 800 miles from Anchorage to Haines, taken the ferry to Petersburg, and after arriving in Canada it’s still another 1,000 miles to go!09-DSCF3255This is how the mini van is set up when we are camping. Very comfy and so much easier than setting up a tent. Click here to see what’s below the bed.10-DSCF3265 This entire campsite in Canada had been hand-raked. It looked like a zen garden when we first arrived.11-DSCF3272Made a short stop in Whistler to get out of the car and ride the bikes.12-DSCF3303 13-IMG_2069Back in the US we made a few stops at the roadside farm-stands.14-DSC_9507 15-DSC_9527Took a little detour so we could go across the Deception Pass bridge.16-DSC_955117-DSC_9566And finally made it to Seattle where we will be spending the next few months.18-DSC_96241-DSC_9666Lincoln Park in West Seattle is just down the road.20-DSCF3349

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  1. MWhite:LittleCunningPlan

    What a cool road trip! Makes me want to take one myself, and loved you photos! (Esp the one of Deception Pass) Welcome home! Hope to meet you sometime.

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