On the Road Again

After five months in and around San Diego we are on our way back to the boat in Washington. We wanted to drive along the coast on Highway One but it’s closed due to recent storms. Interstate 5 through California is the most boring drive – ever, so we decided to go east of the Sierras. March is the perfect time to visit Death Valley as it’s not too hot or too cold. Day time temps were in the 70’s and even the evenings were very comfortable.With another winter storm approaching we decided it would be better to head to the coast. After one long day of driving through the Sierras we made it back to the coast and into Oregon. Mono Lake  Back at the coast we hugged a few redwoods and then rented a yurt on the Oregon Coast to keep dry during the storm.These yurts are great. At $43 per night they have a heater, table, chairs, beds and a futon. The rain on the roof makes for a great night’s sleep.Since we always have the bed made in the back of the minivan when we are traveling it is easy to just grab the entire bed, including the air mattress, to move into the yurt.

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  1. Looks beautiful! A long road trip out West is on my bucket list .. so many parks! We”ve only been to Vegas & Colorado, so haven’t seen much.

    Love the yurt. Have fun as you make your way home to the boat!

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